Hermit Crabs

I think hermit crabs are amazing creatures. Hermit crabs’ eyes are on stalks. They have six legs, two claws, and one of those claws is really big. They carry their home on their back. They can carry a shell that weighs as much as they do or more. Hermit crabs carry their shell on their back all the time to protect themselves from predators like seagulls. Whenever a hermit crab feels under attack, they withdraw into their shell and block the entrance with their big claw. Whenever they start to grow, they need to change to a bigger shell. It is interesting that sometimes hermit crabs get in line from biggest to smallest and change shells. This is called a shell exchange.  If land hermit crabs go into water, they can’t breath. Sea hermit crabs can breath underwater, and the cool thing is that they get oxygen from the water. There are 15 species of land hermit crabs, but 785 species of sea hermit crabs. Do you own a hermit crab or have you ever touched one?




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Blow Fish

When blow fish first grow up they live in plankton. When they are old enough, they leave. When they grow up, they grow spikes and they get much bigger. They have sharp teeth that are fused together to crunch up crab skeletons. Another cool thing is that they blow into the sand to find food. If a predator tries to eat a blow fish, their defense is blowing up so the predator can’t eat them. But the sad thing is that if the blow fish gets stuck in the predator’s mouth, both fish end up dying. Blow fish have stretchy, expandable skin like a balloon, so when they gulp water, the volume of their body grows bigger. Most blow fish have a toxic substance that makes them bad tasting and potentially deadly to other fish and deadly to humans. Have you ever seen a blow fish? If you have, do you think they are cool?






blow-fish-9529573  close-up-image-blowfish-puffed-31338267

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I got this information from http://abcnews.go.com/

  1. Monopoly was created by Charles Darrow.
  2. The first pieces were made from materials from Darrow’s home.
  3. The shiny pieces were inspired by Darrow’s nieces.
  4. The original game included 10 metal tokens.
  5. Monopoly was not an immediate success.
  6. The city of London was the setting of the first licensed Monopoly worldwide.
  7. More than than one billion people have played Monopoly worldwide.
  8. The game was very cheep.
  9. The current classic Monopoly game includes eight tokens.
  10. More than 20 different tokens have made their way into the game.
  11. There are 40 spaces on the game board and 28 properties.
  12. The three most-landed-on properties in the classic Monopoly game are Illinois Avenue, “GO” and B&O Railroad.
  13. The total amount of money in a classic Monopoly game is $20,580.
  14. There have been many adaptations of the game.
  15. Monopoly Junior came in 1990.
  16. The world’s most expensive Monopoly set was created in 1998.
  17. The highest-rent properties vary by region.
  18. Games of Monopoly have been played in peculiar places.
  19. The longest Monopoly game played on record was a real marathon.
  20. Monopoly was introduced on the iPhone in 2008.
  21. The iron token was replaced.
  22. “House rules” are now included.
  23. You can now create your own personalized Monopoly game.
  24. Fans gather to complete in a world championship.
  25. There’s an anniversary edition out now.


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Violins are fun to play

You get to practice every day

There are four strings and a bow

Just don’t drop it on your toe

Feet position and straight bow

Are both good things you should know!


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Tulip Festival of 2016

I got all of this information from Tulip festival-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. “Tulip festivals are held in several cities around the world, mostly in North America — usually in cities with a Dutch heritage — such as Albany, New  York; Ottawa, Ontario; Gatineau, Quebec; Montreal, Quebec; Holland, Michigan; Lehi, Utah; Orange City, Iowa; Pella, Iowa; Mount Vernon, Washington; and Woodburn, Oregon, and in other countries such as Australia, India and England. The tulips are considered a welcome harbinger of spring, and a tulip festival permits residents to see them at their best advantage. The festivals are also popular tourist attractions. The tulips are displayed throughout the cities. In certain years the peak of tulips does not coincide with the actual festival due to climatic conditions”.


tulip flower

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Pies VS Cake

Bianca’s purpose to convince my dad that cake is better than pie

Dad’s purpose to convince Bianca that pie is better than cake


Reason: I think cake is better than pie because cake is fluffy and light.

Example: One of the lightest cake I have ever had was Red Velvet.


Reason: Flaky crust, sweet filling, and pick your favorite flavor, all in one delicious and convenient package. Need I say more?

Example: Apple pie combines all of these excellent features with the healthy goodness and succulent flavor of all natural apples.


Reason: Cake can have as many toppings as you want.

Example: You can have frosting, sprinkles, berries, cookies and chocolate.


Reason: In addition, you can get pies everywhere!

Example: You can make them yourself at home, you can get them at the grocery store, or even at your local diner! You can even get a pie shake!!!


So those are the reasons I like cake


As anyone can see, pies are clearly an inspired food without peer.


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Waffles vs. Pancakes By Imani & Bianca

Bianca: Waffles 

Imani: Pancakes


Reason: You can put on as many toppings as you want. Example: whipped cream, berries, syrup and powdered sugar


Reason: Pancakes are softer then waffles. Example: Waffles are crunchy and pancakes are soft.


Reason: It takes two minutes to make a waffle. Example: You just need to pour the batter into the waffle iron.


Reason: You can have different kinds of pancakes. Example: like blueberry, chocolate chip.

Imani: Did I convince you?

Bianca: Yes, but I still like waffles.

Bianca: Did I convince you?

Imani:  Yes! But, I still think pancakes are better.

That was our Pancakes VS Waffles

Which one do you  like best? 

For these reasons I think waffles are better than pancakes


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Rattlesnakes live in the Sonoran Desert. The have 1 inch fangs and have venom. They can strike in the blink of an eye. They are attracted to movement and they can see/feel the heat from blood. The rattle on a rattlesnake’s tail is made out of special loose scales that rub up against each other to make a rattling sound. This is what makes a rattlesnake a rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes are the most polite snake because they always give you a warning before he strikes. Their faces are packed with incredible sensory powers. They have sharp eyes that can see well in the daylight, nostrils that have a good sense of smell, and a tongue that flicks and tastes the air. There is another sense that detects heat. The organs that help with this sense are the pits right under a rattlesnake’s nostrils. The pits can sense the body heat of animals and this is how rattlesnakes can find their prey.




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Horse Back Riding

My favorite thing to do is horse back riding here is a few thing about Horseback Riding a saddle is what you sit on when you ride horses. There are the stirrups that you put your feet to stay on the horse or then you can kick them if you need to. The blanket that you put under the saddle and some times the saddle pad if you need it. The bridle is what goes on the horses head also the reins are attached  to it which you hold on to, the bit which goes in the horses mouth, the throat latch that goes on the throat and the nose band that goes on the nose. How much do you think a horse weighs? Well around 2,000 pounds. Have you ever gone on a horse?




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Gila Monster

Gila Monsters live in the Sonoran Desert. They do this weird thing called sunning to get warmed up for action did you know that a Gila Monster is the largest lizard in North America. But don’t worry they won’t attack you their more defensive. You can hang out with them as long as you give them their space Gila Monsters stay hidden in underground burrows for most of the year and only come out after summer rains or in the spring where food is abandoned to find a meal.  A cool fact is that they can follow the trail of a bird or mammal right to the nest and when it finds the nest it will eat every thing inside eggs and young they will swallow it whole they only have to eat three to four meals a year. The Gila Monster is one of the coolest-looking lizards in the world the Gila Monster has a powerful lockjaw with venom and bumpy skin with bony beads of armor.



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